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Inspiring Leader-Facilitator – The Tao of Co Creation – A Facilitating Leadership Master Class

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Inspiring Leader-Facilitator offers the latest learning technologies made available in a Mastery delivery to CEOs, business leaders, senior managers and Learning professionals. Our Facilitating Leadership Masterclasses offer learning experience meant to provide depth, sustainability and scalability to corporate leadership.

The Joy of Learning & Inspiring…..
Following the path of Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline) and Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks’s Living University, all of whom trained our Learning Director and Chief facilitator, you will become part of a unique, profound co-creating experience, with a potential to a long lasting impact for yourself, your co-workers and your organization.

What’s the Tao of Co-Creation?

“Tao Of Co-Creation” can be described as a holistic program for Leaders who wish to co harness leadership by facilitating the emergence of latent skills within their team to optimize individual contribution and accelerate performance.

But, this is more than a program. It is a profound co-creating experience that keeps evolving. It is about giving birth to a new world in which the facilitator can learn from the participants while inspiring learning. It is about understanding Tools, techniques… the science of being a leader facilitator and then going beyond technique into the creative and sacred art of facilitation. It is both practical and transformational.

What’s the Content?

  • ‘Being’ of a Leader-Facilitator: Corporate Mystic, Self Mastery, Creativity, Values & Vision Empowering Mindsets
  • Doing’ of a Facilitator- Leader: The key skills- Listening, Questioning, Authentic speaking and Influencing
  • Methods to inspire learning: Conventional methods and the newer technologies
  • Group Dynamics and Team Learning
  • Designing a powerful program
  • Inspiring Coaching to develop leaders
  • Organizational Learning & Sustaining momentum

Explore the Tao (Tao: 道 The Way)

Is used philosophically to signify the fundamental or true active and holistic conception of the world, rather than a static nature of the world, where the system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave.

Results and Relationships, Short-term and Long term, Acceptance and Change, Inner and Outer focus. Preference & Letting go. Embracing paradoxes. Learning to flow and enable others to flow. And be productive. Move from effectiveness to greatness.

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